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Bench Scales Bench Scale BMS Series
Truck Scale
Centurion Truck Scale Floor Scale
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Fork Lift Scale Belt Scale Weighing Indicators Rail road Scales Remote Displays
products - mcintyre scale products - mcintyre scale products - mcintyre scale products - mcintyre scale
Stainless Steel Floor Scales Wash Down Lab Balance Scales Rice Lake Truck Scale

Bench Scales

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Bench Scales are constructed of either a die cast aluminum body and stainless steel shroud or a mild steel body and a stainless steel shroud. They include a front-mounted, seven digit, liquid crystal display with blue-luminescent back light and RS-232 interface. A six-foot power cord is included. Legal-for-Trade CC 95-071 Class III 10,000 divisions, Class II 11,000 divisions.

Bench Scale

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The Bench Scale Series are constructed of an aluminum or mild steel body with a stainless steel shroud. Each model includes a six digit, seven segment LCD display with backlight and all are equipped with RS232. The front panel overlay includes UNITS, PRINT & ZERO keys and supports switching of up to 2 units of measure selected from lb, kg, oz and g. Built-in serial protocols include formats for NCI standard, model 3835, 8213 emulation and also. Legal-for-Trade COC 02-069 Class III 5,000 divisions.

BMS Series Truck Scale

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Bridgemont Standard Duty, BMS-SD Series Truck Scales Steel Deck, Flat Top, Motor truck Scale Legal-for-Trade, CC 97-074, Class IIIL 10,000 Divisions

The BridgeMont Standard Duty is designed for above ground applications with moderate traffic and legal highway axel loads.

BMS-SD Series includes: 75K alloy steel Easi-Post Weigh Bars® with stainless steel East-Post components (threaded cap, post, and lower cup), 50′ interface cable, junction boxes, platform ground wires with clamps, surge protection for Weigh Bars® and junction box, and AC line protection for indicator. Interface cable and all Weigh Bar® cable is stainless steel sheathed.

The BMS-SD series arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled sections. Weigh-Bars®, junction boxes and cables are factory calibrated. Final assembly must be done in the field. Final calibration of electronics must be done after the steel decks have been installed.

The BMS-SD Series truck scales have a concentrated load capacity (CLC) and dual tandem axel capacity (DTA) of 70,000 lb (35,000 kg). The “r” factor rating is 2.06 on all sizes.

Centurion AT Truck Scale

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1The Centurion-AT is standard with 3/8″ steel or 8″ concrete deck surface. Safety sight rail (shown) is an available option. The steel or concrete deck Centurion-AT weighbridge can be supplied with a hot dip galvanized finish for extreme corrosion protection.

Features and Specifications:
• 100,000# CLC – Concentrated Load Capacity
• Scale Capacity up to 200,000 lbs.
• Stainless steel, hermetically sealed (IP68) construction
75K CPR analog compression-column load cell, 700
Ohm, 2 mV/V
• 3/8” tread plate decking – welded to Quad Beam
• NEMA 4X FRP enclosure(s) and B-TEK 4-cell summing
board with GDT surge protection
• Integrel stainless steel sheathed cable with clear
polymer coating
• Inspection plates ensure easy access to load cells and
facilitates cleaning operations
• CPR analog load cells utilize ground straps and base
plate isolation disc Surge protection enhanced by
Transtector DPS-8T AC line transient protection device
• All structural steel is shot-blasted to commercial blast
spec SSPC-6
• High performance coatings include an
epoxy/polyurethane system or galvanized steel as
standard offerings
• The Centurion may be shipped in factory-assembled
modules or in a bolt-together configuration to reduce
shipping costs
• 5-year “End-wall to End-wall” warranty

Floor Scale

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High-precision and rugged floor scales ensure high quality, effectiveness and compliance.

Fork Lift Scales

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A forklift scale allows the integration of weighing and data management into your operation – without adding any extra steps or route changes. This means you protect your revenue while maximizing efficiency. All Avery Weigh-Tronix forklift scales are mounted directly on the front of the forklift truck carriage, with a weight indicator in the cab of the truck. This arrangement allows the driver to clearly, easily and safely operate the scale system without interrupting their normal routine.

Belt Scale

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Adding a belt scale to your conveyor system is an excellent way to monitor the flow rate of your material and ensure the accuracy of your totalized weight output. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality, custom designed dynamic weighing solutions for all of their material handling needs. When it comes to belt scales, the top priority is obviously reliable accuracy over the long term. The scale should be repeatable day to day, month to month, year to year. We understand that reliable, repeatable accuracy is extremely important both for our customer’s process efficiency and quality. Our belt scales are designed to deliver the necessary results.

Weight Indicators

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Our digital weight Indicators display and manage the weight data that the scale platform detects; they are designed for any weighing application, to suit any business seeking to increase the visibility of their data and gain maximum efficiency from operational processes. Indicators provide a range of functionality; from basic to complex – from simply displaying the weight to complex recipe formulation, process control and transmission of data for back office management. Our weight indicators can be paired with a range of weighing scales and software for a complete weighing solution.

Rail road Scales

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16 mm to 1 foot or 1:19.05 is a popular scale of model railway in the UK which represents narrow gauge prototypes.[1] The most common gauge for such railways is 32 mm (1.26 in), representing 2 ft (610 mm) gauge prototypes. This scale/gauge combination is sometimes referred to as “SM32” (terminology popularised by Peco, one of the principal manufacturers of appropriate track)[1] and is often used for model railways that run in gardens, being large enough to easily accommodate live steam models. The next most common gauge is 45 mm (1.772 in),[2] which represents 2 ft 9 3⁄4 in (857 mm) gauge prototypes; although few prototype lines were this exact gauge it is commonly used to portray prototypes between 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) and 3 ft (914 mm) gauge.

There are a number of commercial manufacturers of 16 mm scale models[3] as well as many enthusiastic amateurs who build their own rolling stock. Because real 2 ft (610 mm) railways were most commonly found in the UK, many of the models are of British prototypes. European and North American narrow gauge railways are also modeled in this scale, mainly with scratch-built or kit-built models. Although models of approximately this scale were being built as early as the 1930s, it was the founding of the Merioneth Railway Society just after the Second World War that marks the popularization of this scale.

The Merioneth Railway Society rule book states:

Rule 1. The Society shall be known as the Merioneth Railway Society.
Rule 2. There shall be no rules.
This set the light-hearted spirit of the 16 mm fraternity, where a sense of fun and whimsy often override more serious concerns. The use of live steam as the predominant motive power of the models means absolute scale reproduction is often sacrificed to the demands of steam engineering at this scale. However the realistic sound, smell and visual effects of steam-driven locomotives makes up for loss of fidelity elsewhere. Driving a live steam locomotive, even at this small scale is very different from driving an electrically powered model.

For many years there were no commercially available parts, and everything was hand-built or kit-bashed from O scale components. In the early 1970s Archangel emerged as the first commercial manufacturer on a large scale, followed by Merlin and Beck at the end of that decade. All three companies produced affordable live steam locomotives in this scale. In 1981 Mamod entered the market with a cheap if somewhat crude steam loco for the UK market. Although not perfect, the low cost opened the hobby to a much wider range of people and as a result demand for other products grew. Today, Roundhouse almost dominate the market as builders of high quality live steam locomotives. A vibrant group of professional and hobbyist makers have emerged to meet this demand.

Remote Display

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Our versatile remote displays provide bright, easy-to-read weight readouts from a distance. Available in several sizes and with a variety of features, many digital remote displays include an ambient light sensor and multiple levels of brightness for increased visibility. The SB500 remote display features a traffic direction signal for clarity and safety in addition to built-in rain hoods for protection from the elements. The SB500 remote display also features large 5-inch-high weight readouts with dual-row LED digits for easy reading from a distance. The smaller RD series of remote displays is perfect for precise agricultural measurements and warehouse weighing use. One of the industry-leading remote displays for clear readouts, traffic coordination, and increased accuracy.

Stainless Steel Floor Scales Wash Down

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The FCQH hinge top floor scale is the ideal platform scale for environments where strict sanitation and hygiene is essential. The scale has a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete washdown. The hinge top scale’s stainless steel struts, stainless junction box and safety tread deck plating all combine to make the FCQH hard wearing, safe and easy to maintain, resulting in less downtime for your operation.

Lab Balance Scales

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Accurate Laboratory Balances and scales are a must for your laboratory operation, so we take our selection of digital balances and scales serious. From portable scales to digital top loading balances, our selection includes items from industry leaders like Ainsworth and Ohaus. Ainsworth has manufactured reliable digital balances since 1880, and continues to provide a superior product at a reasonable price. Likewise, Ohaus has played an integral part in countless scientific and industrial companies and educational institutions for nearly a century. Our selection of balances and scales are just right for your facility and your budget.

Rice Lake Truck Scale

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Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ SURVIVOR® truck scales are known as the Toughest Scales on Earth®. Designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions, SURVIVOR truck scales are built with more structural steel, a superior support structure and innovative design features that provide consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life. Each SURVIVOR is built with our exclusive five-step finishing process, and guaranteed with a five-year lightning protection warranty.

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