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McIntyre Scale’s request scale service department has fully equipped service vehicles and our technicians are trained in every aspect of scale service and repair. Our heavy weight scale test truck with its certified weight cart gives us the capabilities to test your truck scale sections to NIST H44 requirements. McIntyre Scale provides Scale service for Pennsylvania, scale service for New Jersey and Scale service for Delaware. Along with Scale calibration for Pennsylvania, scale calibration for New jersey and scale calibration for Delaware.

Overview of Scale Services

Calibrated masses are placed on a balance or scale. The known mass value is compared to the balance or scale reading. The percent error is calculated, and the acceptability of the balance or scale is determined. Mass determinations are performed as part 6f virtually every laboratory soil testing procedure. Accurate mass determinations are required to ensure reliable laboratory test results. The following balances or scales are commonly used in soils laboratories: portable platform scale, fan scale, two-pan balance, and electronic balance. It is recommended that each laboratory maintain a service contract with a company certified to perform maintenance and calibration on all scales or balances used by the laboratory. The contract should provide for annual inspection, and calibration if necessary.

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